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Passover 2023

The Seder dates are April 5 and 6, starting at 7pm in SLC. Check out which seders your friends have signed up for, and register for yourself below! We can't wait to celebrate with you.

Passover at Vanderbilt Hillel


On Passover, we recount the origin story of the Jewish People. With each generation we add new chapters and volumes to this Jewish narrative, thereby staking a claim in our heritage and simultaneously contributing to it. Passover is a time to tell tales of the past, the present and future. It is the legends of our ancestors, our people, and of ourselves.

Every year, Vanderbilt Hillel is proud to offer a variety of themed student-led Seders on both nights that offer something to every student. Past Seder options include FYSH & Friends, Seniors, Graduate Students, Seder 101, Hawaiian Seder, Swiftie Seder, and a variety of Greek Life-specific Seders as well.

In addition to Passover Seders, Vanderbilt Hillel provides a number of holiday related programs throughout the week, including Matzah Brei and Tye Dye, Israeli BBQ, and Matzah Pizza Party.

Vanderbilt Hillel provides Kosher for Passover meals throughout the week.

More info on specific events this year will be posted closer to the week of Passover!

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