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Jewish Learning

Vanderbilt Hillel offers a variety of opportunities for Jewish learning, ranging from drop-in weekly Torah study, to semester cohorts, to one-off events and classes. Our Jewish education centers on finding ways for students to connect and wrestle with Judaism’s history and texts, while remaining true to our contemporary values and promoting individual growth. Vanderbilt Hillel Staff are also available for one-on-one study on any topic that interests our students!

Talking Torah

Talking Torah is a weekly drop-in learning session in which students meet with our Ezra Jewish Education Fellow to go over the weekly Torah portion and its connections to our lives on campus. Talking Torah is open to anyone, and doesn’t require any prior knowledge at all.

Jewish Intimacy and Vulnerability

The Jewish Intimacy and Vulnerability Cohort is an opportunity for students to engage in Jewish learning and sexuality education. The pilot cohort of this program included sessions on healthy relationships, desire and consent, contraception, STI prevention, gender and sexuality, et cetera… both from a sexuality education perspective and in Jewish law and text from Torah to contemporary responses and articles. The JIV curriculum was built by our Springboard Ezra Jewish Education Fellow 2021-2023, LilyFish Gomberg, who is also a trained sexuality educator, with support from Ora Weinbach and the Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.

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